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Segue during COVID-19

Life during COVID-19

Our ordinary programming for young adults ages 18-29 continues to

include a focus on social skills, life skills, career preparation, community

engagement, and a wealth of opportunities for peer socialization

The value of keeping up a routine is all the more important for our members during this time of uncertainty and isolation. We are keeping our bodies and minds healthy by keeping up the majority of our normal programming using videoconferencing and other technologies!

Implementing distance learning has also proven to be an opportunity to evaluate our independence skills in new ways. By getting more comfortable with modern workplace tools (like Zoom or Slack), we continue to make progress in our development of career and professional social skills. We are deepening existing social connections with each other and putting our communication skills to the test with technology. We can examine our self-motivation, personal responsibility, and accountability in a more independent way as well.

In short, we will persevere through this difficult and challenging time in our world. We also aren’t squandering any opportunity to grow into the adults we wish to be when this crisis passes.

What to Expect

Most classes are held through direct instruction and group interaction

on video conferencing platforms, but we have breaks built in

for fitness, meals, and independent work

using Slack and other digital workplace tools.


Each week we also have an Independent Living Challenge & Drawing!