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Back to School Edition: For Profit Institutions

Back to School Edition: For-Profit Colleges

If you missed the August 6 episode of Think with Kris Boyd, you might not know about the recent rise in for-profit colleges. For some students, smaller technical schools and for-profit institutions can be a wonderful and relatively cost-effective way to get the specific training needed for a planned career path. However, as the show sheds light on, not all institutions are the right fit for every student, and it’s easy to throw good money after bad especially if your goals aren’t very well-defined.

At Segue Center, we provide the framework needed to select the best path for each young adult’s future, recognizing that there is no “one size fits all” solution. By pursuing realistic goals and passions, young adults have a much greater chance of success. Some people can stay focused on their short and long-term goals with focus and efficiency, but many people (with or without learning differences) could use some extra support in order to stay on track. When I was in college, I had to discover exactly what locations and conditions worked for me for studying, writing, and regular coursework (which are all different for me, as it turns out) to avoid the tendency to procrastinate and fall behind. Had I not been able to figure that out myself in college, I never would have been able to apply those lessons at UT law school, which required an even heavier weekly course load. With the support and guidance from Segue Center, you can get the most out of whatever educational investment you choose to help you reach your career goals as smoothly as possible.

To listen to Kris Boyd’s conversation about for-profit colleges, click here:

– Kendall

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