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Full Program V2

As you chart your path towards independence, it’s okay to need a little guidance along the way. It is hard to know where to start – and we’re here to help you find your next step while giving you the tools to get there. Even better, you get a chance to spend time with other young adults starting on their own journeys just like you.
The “Full Program” at Segue provides the most comprehensive opportunity for realizing your full potential. You get access to every program offered five days a week as you become your “best you”.
Here’s a little more about what you can expect during a typical week with us.

Social Skills

How we present ourselves to the world can impact everything we do – both in person and online. We can help you navigate and practice conversations with friends, roommates, and bosses – and help make sure your social media presence reflects the person you really are.

Community Engagement

At Segue Center we don’t just stay in our bubble. Whether it’s eating out at a local restaurant or visiting the latest museum exhibit, we value being part of a thriving metroplex.It is important to give back to our community so we engage in service projects throughout the year.

Current Events/Discussions

As adults we have a responsibility to stay informed about the news of the day. We will lead respectful discussions about topics from the nation’s headlines from all perspectives as well as ongoing issues that members feel are important in today’s world. Cultural Outings: Trips to the museum…


  • Personal Goal Setting:
  • We help you identify your areas of strength and interests to develop a life plan for career and beyond. As you create your individualized short and long-term targets, we guide and monitor your progress along the way.
  • Academic Support:
  • Enrolled in college courses? We can help you stay on top of your assignments, plan out long-term projects, and give you that extra boost of support to help you with any outside classes.Even if you’re not in school, at the Segue Center we believe we’re all forever learners. Time is set aside each day for some exercise for the mind. If you haven’t earned a high school diploma, we can also help support you to get your GED.
  • “Segue Skills”:
  • At Segue we recognize the importance of developing independent living skills and tools for career preparedness. We practice interviewing, develop your resume, and provide job coaching once you are in the workplace. We provide training in financial management, time management, and spacial organization —helping you at work and at home.
  • Physical Well-being:
  • Each day we dedicate some time for regular exercise and to practice healthy eating habits. We will also engage in fun, recreational sports as a group.
  • Mindfulness:
  • The world can be a stressful place, especially as you are starting out as a young adult. A regular practice of mindfulness helps everyone manage their daily responsibilities a little more easily.
  • “Morning Cafe”:
  • At the start of each day, we gather for a cup of coffee or tea to catch up with each other and review our daily goals.
  • “Happy Hour”:
  • You get access to all Segue Center Happy Hour events. (link to the page on Social Program)

Segue’s offerings sound great, but

For those who want as much as Segue offers but have outside commitments like college coursework or a part-time job, the Flexible Program will meet your needs.