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People With Autism Can Help Fill the U.S. Shortage of STEM Workers

Did any of you have a chance to read the wonderful “Viewpoints” article, “A perfect fit,” in the Dallas Morning News, February 8, 2018, written by Michelle Vopni, a managing partner with Ernst and Young?  If not, I encourage you to click on the link below to this article which so beautifully highlights the incredible potential shown by so many autistic young adults and the WIN-WIN relationship which can be developed between these employees and smart, caring companies in our community – like Ernst and Young.

Ms. Vopni points out that 1 in 68 school-age children are diagnosed on the autism spectrum.  She states that only one in six autistic adults are employed full-time despite the fact that more than half of the autistic individuals who are employed have skills and abilities to do more challenging work than they are given – they are “underemployed.”

Thankfully, some companies are beginning to recognize a wonderful opportunity.  Hiring dedicated, capable, loyal employees is a boon to any organization, and there is an enormous segment of our population which is, or soon will be, entering the workforce.  Many of these bright, motivated, autistic young adults have these very qualities.  Let’s do some “matchmaking!”

Pam Quarterman, M.M.Sc., CCC-SLP

Executive Director, Segue Center

CLICK HERE to read the full Dallas Morning News article referenced above.

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