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So what IS my next dream? Well, here goes …

“Pam, I heard you are retiring, so does that mean you are going to travel, play golf, eat bon-bons?”  This is a question I have been hearing fairly frequently lately.  Well, here is my answer, “No way!  At least not any time soon!”

It’s true that I have spent the last thirty glorious years at Oak Hill Academy, and it has been my home away from home.  But Oak Hill is such a strong, stable program (a specialized school for EC through High School) with such a fantastic faculty, staff, and leadership team, that I can now move on to make my NEXT dream come to life!

So what IS my next dream?   Well, here goes …

Picture yourself wanting to climb a mountain.   You start working out at the gym.  Then you find a school that offers classes on mountain climbing.  You get an instructor and start out on an indoor wall, with lots of ropes, harnesses, and special shoes.  Every week you get a little higher on the wall.  Finally, the instructor takes you out to an actual mountain and works with you on techniques and strategies for reaching the summit.  One weekend you make it 2/3  of the way up the mountain with your guide.  You are SO proud of yourself and have the confidence, as you look skyward, to reach the top.  But THEN …  your guide says, “Way to go; you’ve done great; now it’s time for me to leave.  And, oh, by the way, I’ll take those ropes and harnesses with me.”  WHAT???  NOW WHAT???

I think there are lots of young adults who have that same kind of experience after they complete high school.  They have worked so hard to get that diploma and have done so with support and guidance – from parents, teachers, counselors, etc.  But NOW WHAT???  Do you feel a little stranded?  Can you move up the mountain with just a little more help and a few more supplies?

Segue Center is my new dream.  We are here to be those ropes and harnesses.  We are here to be your guide.  What are YOUR goals, YOUR dreams?  Segue is here to help you “summit!”

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