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Social Program

Segue’s offerings sound great, but

Want to get together with like-minded people and have some fun, social time together? Check out our Social Program!


Face to Face … there’s a lot to be said for seeing old friends and making new friends in person.  Sure, FaceBook is fine, FaceTime is okay, but FACE to FACE is the best!

At Segue Center we value FUN, social time together.  On Wednesday afternoons, we take outings all over the Metroplex to dine out, socialize, and see different parts of our wonderful city. There are extended hours on Thursday evenings to just “hang out” with friends, watch movies, and play games.  Our “Happy Hour” is complete with delicious snacks, non-alcoholic beverages, and an opportunity to connect with your peers.

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Social Skills

How we present ourselves to the world can impact everything we do – both in person and online. We can help you navigate and practice conversations with friends, roommates, and bosses – and help make sure your social media presence reflects the person you really are.

Community Engagement

At Segue Center we don’t just stay in our bubble. Whether it’s eating out at a local restaurant or visiting the latest museum exhibit, we value being part of a thriving metroplex.It is important to give back to our community so we engage in service projects throughout the year.

Current Events/Discussions

As adults we have a responsibility to stay informed about the news of the day. We will lead respectful discussions about topics from the nation’s headlines from all perspectives as well as ongoing issues that members feel are important in today’s world.