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Social Media Use in Teens

Common Sense Media just released a fascinating report about how teens use social media in 2018 compared with 2012. Check out the infographic summary¬†here. Snapchat’s dominance for this age demographic probably doesn’t surprise too many parents out there, but it’s interesting to see everything that has changed in only six years as we navigate our digital lives.

At Segue Center, we specifically teach appropriate and inappropriate use of the social media platforms that are so vital to young adults (and let’s be honest, to all of us). Young adults should be engaging with social media in their daily lives, but as we all know, one misstep can have disastrous consequences for our professional and personal lives. Not only do we guide young adults as they use their personal social media, but we also specifically look at how those personal accounts can impact our professional lives as well as teach members how to establish an online identity that actually boosts your employability. I’m always taken aback at how few young adults I have worked with have even heard of LinkedIn, the single biggest professional social media site and a great networking tool. As young adults enter the workforce, there is a steep learning curve of all aspects of professional life, and social media is no exception. As always, we at Segue Center are here to help make that transition smoother.

– Kendall

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