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Winter Workshops

Home for the Holidays?

Try one or more of our 3 Winter Workshops:

Mondays through Thursdays 11am-4pm. $350/session.

December 10-13 Auto Shop

December 17-20 Gifts & Goodies

January 7-10 R&R Week

Email to reserve your spot today.

December 10-13 Auto Shop

Learn basic car maintenance and about some of the careers you can pursue with an interest in cars.

December 17-20

Make holiday crafts and edible treats that are good enough to offer as a present – if you’re willing to share! Practice social skills to get through holiday meals with appropriate manners.

January 7-10 R&R Week

After the holidays, we are all ready for a little rest and relaxation before the Spring semester. Join us for a week of playing role-playing games and board games, watching movies and anime, and enjoying each other’s company.