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College Accountability

Academic, Social, Independent Living and Executive Function Support for College Students

We work with college kids individually and in small group sessions to make the most out of their college experience: academically and socially.

In addition to working individually (including virtual options for students attending universities around the country) with college students to meet their academic and non-academic goals, we hold two in-person small group sessions. One is held at our center near Preston & LBJ, and we also offer one on campus at the University of Texas at Dallas in conjunction with the Office of AccessAbility.

Accountability Groups

Whether on campus at the University of Texas at Dallas or at our center, our College Accountability groups help students get organized, plan ahead, manage group projects, and stay on track academically with weekly check-ins.
Our program also fosters self-advocacy as we guide students to meet non-academic goals for their college experience such as joining student groups, studying abroad, living with roommates, and navigating campus resources including career services. We think going above and beyond traditional executive function coaching to include all aspects of college life is key to our students’ success. 

College Connection Camp

We also offer an immersive summer experience at the residence halls of University of Texas at Dallas. Learn more here.