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Career Assessment

The Segue Center staff is trained and certified to administer the Greenwood System 120™, an evidence-based, research-based, and peer-reviewed assessment designed to provide career guidance based upon an individual’s unique interests, abilities, values, and personality.

The Greenwood System 120™ produces a member profile that includes the Myers-Briggs personality type. the Grit score, and the Holland code.

Initial Assessment

First, we facilitate the initial questionnaire taken by Segue Center members. The assessment helps reveal personality types, Holland codes, Grit scores, interests, values, and motivators at an individualized level. Next, we conduct additional interviews to further reveal the highest priorities to the individual member. At the end of this process, we end up with a final top 100 career list across numerous industries that best fits the individual.

Results and Guidance

Next Segue Center counselors go through and explain the final report to the member. We then help guide members through the top 100 possible career matches and then narrow the field down to a smaller, more manageable list.

Plan of Action

We help each client research their top identified career choices to determine education requirements, workplace values and environment, salary projections, and overall job outlook. A plan of action is developed to conduct informational interviews with people already in those specific careers, and help the member chart a course towards employment in the chosen field.

Book Initial Assessment Session Here

Book the initial session here. We find it takes most clients 2-3 sessions to complete the Initial Assessment phase. The cost is the same no matter how many sessions are required.