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Segue Center is the missing link between your high school graduation and the rest of your life.  Is it right for you or your child?  We would love to meet with you, learn more about you and provide more information on our programs.  This no-obligation interview does not cost anything and can be scheduled at a time that is convenient for you.

Simply choose a time that works for you, whether you prefer to discuss things over the phone, on a video call, or in person.  We look forward to meeting you!

Where is the support system that has been so beneficial, even critical, to their success?

Answer: Segue Center

Pam, along with experienced educators, therapists, and counselors have designed a program to provide support in a multitude of areas:

  • personal goal setting
  • academic tutoring
  • career planning
  • lifeskill preparation
  • job coaching
  • social skill practice
  • healthy lifestyle mentoring
  • diet
  • physical exercise
  • mindfulness
  • peer friendship activities

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