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Ms Adventures

Ms. Adventures

Teen Girls Social Skills Group

Thursdays 4:30 PM – 6:30 PM

New “Seasons” Coming Soon in 2021


Social Skills group for females ages 14-17 using

customized Role-Playing Games (like D&D)

with peers in a cooperative, guided setting. 

Read more about our social skills RPGs here.

Email to reserve your spot today. Limited space available. 

Engaging and Interactive

Social Skills Practice



Conflict Resolution

Societal Norms




Frustration Tolerance

Individualized Goals

"I have to think what would

another character with

do in the situation?"

a different personality

"It's nice to escape and go

live in someone else's world

control the character."

but this time actually

"Sometimes it's hard when

my character would know

sure myself."

what to say, but I'm not