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Segue Successes

Celebrating Success with Our Members

We love to celebrate successes with our members!

Since moving to Dallas only a few years ago, Natalie has become active in the community in lots of ways! She’s currently working as a delivery driver and continuing to practice the independence skills she learned at Segue.

Olivia has gotten her driver’s license and achieved her primary goal of getting a job at a local bakery!

Will has determined his chosen career path and has been excelling in his studies in Geographical Informational Systems at Dallas College.

Sophia is now a licensed driver, and succeeding at University of North Texas while also working the past two summers. She’s really doing it all!

After spending some time in the workforce, Eliza discovered which degree path was right for her and has returned to her studies at the University of Texas at Dallas while living independently off campus.

Willis has found his passion for photography, continuing his studies at Dallas College while also establishing his portfolio. Find it here!

In addition to working part-time and living in a home away from his parents, Barrett was selected to serve on the Housing and Health Services Coordination Council in Austin as a Consumer/Self-advocate of Housing Services!

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