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Our Facilities

Segue Center – Addison

Our main center is in Office in the Park in Addison, Texas. Our warm environment is used to mimic the feel of various settings in which our adults may find themselves: shared living spaces, study areas, and office buildings. We even practice navigating the politics of a shared workplace fridge!

What’s New: We are moving upstairs in our building to Suite 201. We will now have our own kitchen suite so we can practice our independent living skills and prepare group dinner for our Segue Socials on Wednesday nights!

We also love the outdoor spaces available to us throughout the day – tennis courts, running trails, parks, and the gazebo. When we can take a discussion outside, we jump at the opportunity! This helps keep us engaged in conversation and reminds us to listen to our bodies and our minds.

Segue Center – Walnut Hill

Our new satellite office is located at Star Tutoring Center near Walnut Hill/US-75 Central Expressway.

We bring the same adult feel to our Walnut Hill location as we do at our main center. Like our Addison location, local restaurants and businesses are just a step away!

At the moment, we are offering the following programs at our Walnut Hill location – same great lessons, new space:

  • Independent Living
  • Executive Function & Cooperative Games
  • Women’s Group
  • Career Development
  • College Accountability
Where is the support system that has been so beneficial, even critical, to their success?

Answer: Segue Center

Pam and Kendall - along with experienced educators, therapists, and counselors - have designed a program to provide support in a multitude of areas:

  • personal goal setting
  • academic tutoring
  • career planning
  • lifeskill preparation
  • job coaching
  • social skill practice
  • healthy lifestyle mentoring
  • diet
  • physical exercise
  • mindfulness
  • peer friendship activities

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