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Segue Center

As of March 1, our center is located in North Dallas at 6310 LBJ Freeway #105, Dallas, Texas 75240. Our warm environment is used to mimic the feel of various settings in which our adults may find themselves: shared living spaces, study areas, and office buildings. We even practice navigating the politics of a shared workplace fridge!

Where is the support system that has been so beneficial, even critical, to their success?

Answer: Segue Center

Pam and Kendall - along with experienced educators, therapists, and counselors - have designed a program to provide support in a multitude of areas:

  • personal goal setting
  • academic tutoring
  • career planning
  • lifeskill preparation
  • job coaching
  • social skill practice
  • healthy lifestyle mentoring
  • diet
  • physical exercise
  • mindfulness
  • peer friendship activities

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