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Independent Living Focus: Civics

This month we are excited about studying “Civic Education” in our Independent Living class.

Civics is the study of the rights and the obligations we have in society and how our behavior affects others. Civics education has the ability to empower and encourage us to be more active in our community.

We will discuss political knowledge, normative values, individualistic civic behavior and communal civic behavior. We will also talk about the pertinent civic values of; honesty, justice, self discipline, equality, paying taxes, and maintaining cleanliness in society.

By examining the past, current and future plans of civic history, we will increase our ability to be successful in our part of ongoing civic development. Learning the different rights and obligations we are given, as citizens, will benefit us in our daily life. To sum it up, simply, by studying civics, we will learn how to be responsible, active  and productive citizens.

By participating in group discussions and scenarios on this topic, our comprehension of how a society functions will improve.
We have high hopes, that in studying civics, each of us will become aware of the potential we have to make the world a better place!

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