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Community in Mind

Keeping Community In Mind

At Segue believe that in order to understand what is going on in our community, we have to engage with it by experiencing it. Just because we may not be able to physically go out into our communities together as a group as we do in “normal” times does not mean that we are neglecting our community connections. Some of our virtual community outings have included amazing resources from all over the world (like exploring the British Museum or “visiting” our National Parks), but we also take time to continue to delve into what makes Dallas and the metroplex an incredible place to call home.

Last week we divided up a social-distanced public art tour curated by the Dallas Museum of Art, taking pictures at our respective locations and explaining the history and personal reaction to each piece. Some members said they ventured into neighborhoods they had never been to before, and we all learned that much more about taking for granted things that are sometimes right in front of us.

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