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Reacting to “Is this the End of College”

Reacting to “Is this the End of College As We Know It?”

When I read this article in the Wall Street Journal, “Is This the End of College As We Know It?”, the sentiment sure sounded familiar! We have known for a while at Segue Center that four year university degrees are not always the best option for every high school graduate. This article takes an interesting look at how the COVID-19 crisis has highlighted this fact and explores different options that may end up as alternatives to the traditional college/university route. For certain graduates, a university experience is the right choice, but they need a little extra support to make it a successful one. For others, the perception that it is the “only” choice is falling by the wayside. Tomorrow’s workforce may have several roadmaps that can all result in a successful career.

No matter which of many paths you are on, at Segue Center we can help you figure out what your options are and to make the most out of every opportunity.



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